Introducing HoardBlockchain banking in your pocket

Hoard is a safe and secure blockchain wallet made to simplify cryptocurrency investing, trading, spending, and storage.

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Reinventing the way the world banks!

Hoard pairs some of the safest and simplest tools with the best rates in the decentralized economy.

Buy and sell
digital currency

Connect your bank or debit cards to buy Bitcoin or sell and cash out.

*0.00% fees

Store assets and
track balances

Securely manage your assets and track multiple portfolios in one place.

*0.00% fees

Send money to
anyone instantly

Send cash or crypto to anyone, anywhere, anytime with zero fees.

A cryptocurrency platform for everyone!

Just a few of the awesome features the Hoard team plans to roll out in 2018 and beyond.

Multi-currency wallet

One app to securely hold and manage your private keys for 1,000’s of digital assets across multiple chains on multiple devices. No accounts or KYC necessary.

International fiat gateway

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to buy or sell the top cryptocurrencies with cash money using debit cards or through ACH transactions.

Asset exchange

Simplified swap trading technology to quickly exchange any currency for any currency. Incoming support for qualifying tokenized assets in the future.

Multi-portfolio tracking

A single location to track holdings and automatically record transactions across multiple exchanges or wallets through read-only APIs and partnerships.


Put your cryptocurrency investing on autopilot with Hoard’s IFTTT-inspired robo-investing engine complete with coin baskets and auto-rebalancing.

AI-driven sentiment analysis

A Hoard-engineered open source and artificially intelligent microservice to analyze positive and negative market sentiment of coins and markets.

Cardless payments

Take control of your transactions and eliminate high fees from middlemen. Hoard is building QR payment technology using any liquid asset you hold.

Multi-chain DEX protocol

A zero-knowledge decentralized exchange protocol interoperable between blockchains for maximum liquidity, scalable transactions, and instant asset transfers.

We support the cryptocurrency community

Hoard is solving many fundamental gaps often found in other cryptocurrency platforms.

We’re eliminating complex user experiences and minimizing the steep learning curves associated with cryptocurrency.
By taking full ownership over your private keys while removing centralized account access you can safely protect your assets from hacks.
There will always be someone on the other end of your support request working diligently to solve your issues. Phone, email and video chat.

At Hoard we believe rising tides raise all ships. Our app aims to increase the value of all cryptocurrencies, the utility of all platforms, and the strength of all communities, for the good of decentralized commerce.

The Hoard platform and app is Open Source

Developer-friendly elements of the Hoard architecture are 100% open source, and available to fork, study, and improve on.

Our codebase is open for the public to examine and ensure that we never we never have access to our users’ funds, and have no ability to withhold our users’ assets.
We put control in the users’ hands so they never have to worry about their funds going missing because of a server getting hacked. Cryptocurrency is about owning your own keys, and we make it simple to control, track, and transfer your assets.